Laritza rodriguez

Preacher and Writer for Seed of Hope

Laritza’s greatest satisfaction is serving God with all her strength. This passion started when, at the age of 8, her mother took her to a small and humble home where they worshipped God together with 6 other people. There, her mother began to teach her the ways of God.

Those 6 people transformed into a church, where she had the opportunity to work for ministry as an adolescent. The Lord began to use her in ministry for children, youth, translation, and even as a Pastor. By the Grace of God, He gave Laritza the blessing of collaborating in his will by opening 3 other house churches within the last 6 years.

For the glory of God she met her husband, Daniel, in the church when he visited her small and hot island from the United States. Together they work for God as a family with an eternal love, knowing that anything that they could possibly do is so little for a God that has given them everything – always recognizing that we are all simply vessels in the hands of the Potter.

Daniel Rodriguez

Preacher, Business Owner, and Writer for Seed of Hope

Daniel’s entry into ministry was not like a typical calling. In 2002, at a biannual conference in Puerto Rico he accepted an altar call and dedicated his life to working for God. However, he somehow forgot this calling as the pressures of life pulled him in other directions. Daniel worked for almost 10 years in secular jobs until he lost almost everything within the span of 10 months. Jobless and forced to move in with his parents, he remembered the decision he had made many years ago and chose to perform an act of faith. Daniel rejected every job opportunity offered to him and took money out of savings in order to take a mission trip to Cuba.

It is in Cuba where Daniel met his wife, Laritza. The encounter was a divine confirmation of his previous act of faith and the seal of God’s restoration in his life. Daniel and Laritza have spent time ministering in Cuban house churches as they wait for her entry into the United States. Together they also share their testimony and the word of God to anyone who might listen through their website, Seed of Hope.

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